Squash 101: The Basics

Squash is a wonderful sport that is both good for health and lots of entertainment. It may be difficult for some people, those who haven’t ever played the sport before, however.

This post will provide you with a great overview of the rules of squash and how the sport is played, so if you want to know more about it, stay tuned!

Scores, How Does It Work?

A game of squash is decided by the team that manages to win 3 of the 5 small rounds. Each round lasts for eleven (11) minutes, and whoever scores the most goals during this time period wins. However, the person who wins by two (2) goals must be awarded an extra point. So, if the score is 10–10 after ten (10) minutes, then one team has to score twelve (12) goals to beat their opponents.

Players can score points at any time. If the server wins a rally, he/she scores a point and keeps serving. If the receiver wins a rally, he/she scores a point and becomes the server.

Warm-Up is Mandatory

This is a rare aspect that is not seen in many other sports, before the match, both teams have 5 minutes to do their mandatory warm-ups and in addition, If a game is interrupted for any reason, the players need to warm up again before continuing play!

What About The Service?

It is a team queue that can be quite complicated, however, we will not go into much detail, we will only give the most important aspects so that you become familiar with it.

  • The first player to hit the ball is determined by spinning the racket.
  • After winning a match, players start playing again in the next round.
  • When the server wins a point, the server continues to play until it loses a rally. This means that the server has become “out.”
  • The server alternates between serving from both service boxes during each game, but after that, the server alternates which side they serve from. They don’t alternate sides every time they lose a game though.
  • A serve must land inside the front wall of the court, above the baseline, and below the out-of-bounds mark. On its way down, the ball must reach the ground before reaching the back wall of the court.

What Are The Rallies?

One player hits the ball while the other tries to block him/her. When a player misses his/her shot, he/she has to wait for the next player to hit the ball before trying again. If there is any danger of hitting an opposing player, play stops and the game continues from where it was when the incident occurred.

The Good Returns

The game involves hitting a tennis-like object (the “sock”) so that it hits the ground and then rebounds off the ground and into another part of the court. It must bounce once on the ground and return to where it started. If it goes into any walls, it loses points.


Squash has been around for centuries but only recently have people started taking notice of its many benefits. Squash is a sport that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age, gender, or skill level. Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, meet new people, or simply take a break from work, squash offers a variety of options to suit your needs!