World Squash Day 2021 – the 20th anniversary

World Squash Day allows every club in any nation the opportunity to work together to grow this wonderful sport globally, despite the situation we are facing during this period where we are still fighting the coronavirus.

We know that Squash:

  • is one of the best sports that has ever been invented and is recognized as one of the most recommended for the health and physical condition of each individual;
  • improves mental health and helps to develop the social skills of the youngest;
  • It becomes a lifelong passion for most people who experience it;
  • has among its best athletes, those who are among the most respected on the planet.

Let’s embrace this day in its 2020 edition of World Squash Day so that all clubs can open their doors and attract new players, as well as encourage this sport to stay alive in our minds.

This year of 2021, it’s the 20th anniversary!

It’s a very simple concept that has in mind that each club can:

  • open its doors to attract new athletes, keeping the momentum going for the rest of the year.
  • attract 1 million new athletes in the next 10 years

Be part of this initiative and go to your nearest club and experience the real day of Squash! We are counting on you on September 11th.

World Squash Day 2021: September 11th

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